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Profesor Titular de Universidad en el Departamento de Comercialización e Investigación de Mercados, Facultat d'Economia, Universitat de València


Av. Tarongers s/n 46022 Valencia

Despacho 1E12

Tel: +34 961 62 51 76



Grupo de Investigación EMARKETING 

Marketing electrónico

Grupo de Investigación DIGIMK.COM 

Marketing digital y comunicación 

Associate Editor

Journal of Sustainable Marketing

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Executive Editor

European Journal of Management and Business Economics



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I like you or I like what you say? Effect of influencer on tourist behaviour

Current Issues in Tourism, 2022,

Patricia Santateresa-Bernat, Isabel Sánchez-García, Rafael Curras-Perez


This work analyses the effect of influencers on tourists’ behavioural intentions, considering both how tourists process persuasive information and the relationship between the vlogger and receiver. Three theories are applied: the Information Adoption Model, social identity theory and parasocial interaction theory. An empirical study was conducted based on an online survey of 412 subjects. The results confirmed that tourists’ future behaviours towards a destination are determined by their attitudes towards the vlogger’s messages, which depend on the perceived usefulness of the message which, in turn, is based on its argumentative quality and the vlogger’s credibility.

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How environmental gain messages affect cause involvement, attitude and behavioural intentions: the moderating effects of CSR scepticism and biospheric values

Corporate Communications: An International Review, 2022, 24: 3, 420-438

Katja Anna Stadlthanner, Luisa Andreu, Xavier Font, Manuel Alector Ribeiro, Rafael Curras-Perez


This study examines the direct effect of outcome message frames (gain vs loss) on cause involvement and the moderating roles of consumers’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) scepticism and biospheric values. Furthermore, the authors analyse (1) the effects of gain-framed messages on consumer attitudes towards an environmental cause (i.e. the use of reusable coffee cups) and towards the company promoting the cause (a coffee shop chain); (2) how consumer attitudes towards the cause affect their attitudes towards the company; and (3) how consumer attitudes towards both the cause and the company affect their behavioural intentions towards both the cause and the company.

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Social media communication and destination brand equity

Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Technology, 2022, 13: 4, 650-666

Igor Stojanovic, Luisa Andreu, Rafael Curras-Perez


This paper aims to further the knowledge of what effect destination and tourist social media communications have on destination brand equity. The authors performed a quantitative study with 433 international tourists and social media users using an online survey and structural equation modeling.  The results show that user-generated content (UGC) and destination-generated content (DGC) both positively affect tourist behavior through the mediating role of destination brand equity. Of the two, UGC is more important for building a positive destination image and more valuable for improving perceived destination quality and value. The results also show that affective image is a powerful predictor of tourist behavior.

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Live and online music festivals in the COVID-19 era: analysis of motivational differences and value perceptions

Review of Business Management, 2022, 124: 3, 420-438

Ainara Perez-Monteagudo, Rafael Curras-Perez


This research has three objectives: to identify whether there are motivational differences between attending live and online music festivals, to know whether these motivations vary according to the sociodemographic characteristics of the attendees, and to analyse the perceived value-satisfaction-behavioural intention chain for both types of festivals.

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